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Friday, June 2, 2006 Segolene Royal and Xavier Lemoine are the One.

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Friday, June 2, 2006 Segolene Royal and Xavier Lemoine are the One.

Friday, June 2, 2006 Segolene Royal and Xavier Lemoine are the One. The first, one suspects, after his statements Wednesday in Bondy to "put families squared" … The second is the UMP mayor of Montfermeil, Xavier Lemoine, we accused of throwing the oil on fire in the suburbs with his decree "anti-gangs" and caused ainsii renewed violence in the city of Groves. In the portrait that made him the newspaper Le Monde, the elected UMP (which also sign an article in Le Figaro), stresses the difference between analysis of Parisian elites and experiences of suburban residents: "The population lives and realities finds that policies do not. " A little close, Segolene Royal said the same thing. After his "coup authoritarian shine" … as told Liberation she has made many statements to justify himself: "I do not place myself on the ground of Nicolas Sarkozy, I stand on the ground of people who suffer," Has -she said on France 2 (reported by Le Monde) "Where are the two main suffering? it is the unemployment and insecurity and that is the issue of insecurity and violence," she added. These statements are trumpeting (not laugh either …) the "elephants" of the Socialist Party who see the first error of the favorite polls. . But his remarks have nothing skid or improvisation … The Parisian who made his A with "Royal-Sarkozy, the confrontation, the same credits for some consistency on the subject of the order. And this position appears to meet the public. But although this may be "profitable" electorally, it may still worry about a solution that is mainly located on the side of criminalization and stigmatization of families. It is also an individualist vision and greatly neglected the educational dimension. Decidedly, the campaign started badly … Good Reading … ———————————– ———– Liberation 02/06/06 Segolene Royal drew his "just order" the proposals from the member of Deux-Sevres on the role given to the army, education and the payment of benefits are controversial. Read more of the article A Montfermeil, educators mediators night, they ensure permanence in town and are patrolling neighborhoods. Read more of the article Vaulx-en-Velin fooled outbid residents would like the elected officials talk employment, housing and quality of life. Read more of the article In PS, concert trumpeting Haro Royal Segolene or congratulations? In what appears to be his true entry into presidential pre-campaign, the Socialist favorite of the French for 2007 has hit hard. At the risk of throw, even shock his competitors for the nomination of the PS, as Laurent Fabius, Jack Lang and Dominique Strauss-Kahn, she has tackled one of the topics that the Socialists handle with tweezers: security . Declining a series of muscular proposals on the subject in a speech Tuesday night in Bondy (Seine-Saint-Denis), MP of Deux-Sevres, true to his method, renamed "segolisme" by his care, focused to demonstrate the correctness of his concept of a "just order". Read more from the article "The right fun and annoys It deplores the lack of new ideas and fears the competition. Read more of the article ————- ——————————– Le Figaro 02/06/06 Royal shakes up security in advocating socialist high way in the fight against juvenile delinquency, the elected PS yesterday provoked strong reactions to the left. Read more of the article the suspension of allowances, an existing measure tHE POSSIBILITY suspending family allowances in case truancy, put forward Wednesday by the Socialist Segolene Royal, already exists. Read more of the article the UMP is ironical and invited the PS to "coherence" the right believes that Segolene Royal will not impose his speech his party. Read more of the article When intellectual terrorism stirs rage suburbs (by Xavier Lemoine) I am the mayor of Montfermeil and I really ambition for my city because I know that France’s history is being written in the suburbs. But incidents of this week remind us that the first positive results of Borloo social cohesion plan and the measures Sarkozy disturb certain interests. Those who do not want appeasement in the suburbs obey three reasons …. Read more of the article colossal brainstorming Learning citizenship, discovering astronomy, introduction to theater or journalism … It’s time to learned that rhyme holiday entertainment with intelligent entertainment. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 01/06/06 (a day late) Montfermeil, in its repression tensions of recent days challenging the repressive policy for weeks by the UMP mayor of Seine-Saint Denis. Read more of the article promises Gilles de Robien Fayotage? On Tuesday, after the first conference "ambition success", organized by the Ministry of Education, Gilles de Robien promised a decree conferring status to parents in school before August. Word dropped in extremis, when the CIPF – their main federation – claims it for ages … and holds congress this weekend. Skeptical, Georges Dupont Lahitte, its president, will lead also not tell. "The minister can say what he wants, for now, I have no hands, not even a draft text. "The other points made have also been heard in previous speeches: interpreters to help non-French parents, personal delivery of report cards, duty to explain the rules to parents, finally, and" if possible " , construction of a room for them. Essential, according to the minister, especially in 249 colleges’ success ambition ", he received the key to let them know the steps involved in their establishments More Article ———- Le Parisien —————————————— 02/06/06 (charge) the battle the debate between the favorite polls and the president of the UMP is launched. By going on the field of Sarkozy – security – and holding about even more radical, Royal takes the PS against the foot. But could seduce the public. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– the Cross of Nothing seen … 02/06/06 ——————————– —————- 20 minutes from 02/06/06 Segolene Royal says he does not "stand on the ground of Nicolas Sarkozy" Segolene Royal (PS), whose proposals to fight against crime has provoked many reactions, defended itself Friday "to stand on the ground of Nicolas Sarkozy," by drawing "a political declaration of bankruptcy" of the Interior Minister. Read more of the article Royal reopens the debate on crime Everybody talks about it, and it is surely essential for her. Comments surged yesterday, right and left, after Royal’s proposals to fight against crime. Wednesday evening, traveling in Bondy (Seine-Saint-Denis), the favorite in polls for the PS 2007 presidential defended the strong method, including the guardianship of family allowances for parents of delinquent children, and investment disruptive over 16 years in centers "military dimension". Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— West of France 02/06/06 Royal straddles the security issues in extolling the benefits under guardianship and military supervision for offenders, Segolene Royal between noisily in the security debate. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Le Monde 03/06/06 Faced with criticism, Segolene Royal Segolene Royal defended his proposals, safe playdoyer threw the disorder in the Socialist Party, denied, working on my assignments
Friday, June 2, stand on the field Nicolas Sarkozy, while attempting to put its proposals to the heart of the socialist project. "I do not place myself on the ground of Nicolas Sarkozy, I stand on the ground of people who suffer," she said on France 2. "Where are the two main suffering? it is the unemployment and insecurity and that is the issue of insecurity and violence," said the Deux-Sevres MP. Read more from the article "The signals given to the electorate" Pascal Perrineau, Center for Political Research at Sciences Po […] The left has always maintained with the concept of public policy a difficult relationship, less natural than the right. In the 1980s, she underestimated the subject and the rise of small and medium delinquency. A "ignition delay" resented among the people, who were already assuming a social and economic insecurity. […] Read more of the article A compulsory civic service would be expensive or illegal declarations of Segolene Royal on "error" that was, according to her, the abolition of military service, and the need to "invent a new" go further than the proposals of socialist leaders. The draft of the PS speaks of a "compulsory civic service" devoted "to the missions of general interest to create links between people who have never had the opportunity to meet, promote exchanges between generations discover the values ??of solidarity. " Read more of the article A "Ginette" denounce hazing is not advised a young teacher of Sainte-Genevieve, Versailles prestigious private school under contract, denounced Wednesday, May 31, during a conference Press the "harassment" of which he was the object from its direction after filing a complaint against X … June 3, 2005 for a hazing case in his establishment. Considering himself a victim of pressure and intimidation to make him leave high school, Mathieu Savin, associate professor of mathematics, also filed a complaint on April 12, for "moral harassment" against the director of the institution. Read more of the article The gazelle has become predatory, Dominique Dhombres In the forest of Bondy, once known for its brigands, little Nicolas just to offload part of its package. If the fact has escaped you is that you really live off the screens. The evening newscasts were filled, Thursday, June 1, the ambush in the woods, made before all the cameras of France and Navarre. Segolene Royal had stated its security plans Wednesday in Bondy (Seine Saint-Denis) too late newscasts. These were well caught Thursday, adding the favorable comments, ironic or hostile to each other […] Nicolas Sarkozy joked about this apparent rallying his theses and launched. "Welcome to the club!" At Bondy, in any case, a significant change occurred before our eyes in the animal behavior. The gazelle has become predatory. Read more of the article Xavier Lemoine, an ideologue at the helm of Montfermeil In the main shopping street in Montfermeil (Seine-Saint-Denis), the mayor, Xavier Lemoine, 46, strides. We stop, we shake hands, we congratulate, we salute his courage where young people of the city of Groves insult and where the media and some politicians accused him of being irresponsible, the inhabitants of residential areas encouraged him to "stand firm". The elected UMP, accused of throwing oil on the fire of the suburbs, smiled the gap between the analysis of the Parisian elite and experiences of people of the suburbs, those who bear the brunt of rising violence to people "the population lives realities and notes that policies do not." Read more of the article —————————————- Le Nouvel Observateur permanent 02/06/06 Royal: "the word ‘military’ have surprised" PS candidate nomination back on his statement on security after the condemnation wave in the party. "Things must be conducted with firmness, but with justice. Read more of the article —————————— —————————– Express daily 02/06/06 the "segolisme" is it left? C is the question raised by the main leaders of the PS, after the provision of Segolene Royal on the theme of crime Wednesday. Ironic, Nicolas Sarkozy "encouraged him to continue in this way" … Read More of Article ————————————————- ———- selected in dispatches of 02/06/06 Nearly 180 undocumented youth from 93 school-sponsored RESF at least 179 undocumented youth school of Seine-Saint-Denis had to be sponsored Thursday evening during a ceremony in Bobigny by the Education without borders Network (RESF) under the aegis of the General Council did was learned from RESF 93. Read more of the article Safety: Julliard (UNEF) review S golene Royal, "mother Bogeyman" The president of the student union UNEF, Bruno Julliard, on Friday denounced the attitude of Segolene Royal who "played the mother Bogeyman" safety "without addressing the real problems" in an interview AFP. Read more of the article Yann Arthus-Bertrand would like to see the photography curriculum Yann Arthus-Bertrand The photographer, just elected to the Academy of Fine Arts, said Friday he would like to use this distinction to bring photography to the curriculum. "All students learn to play the flute while it rarely serves them afterwards. The photograph, everyone in fact throughout his life," said the photographer at the inauguration of an exhibition of animal photographs, "alive", outdoor organized by his association (GoodPlanet.org) at the crossroads of Longchamp in the Bois de Boulogne (XVI). "I would like all students in France have made at least 20 hours of photography" at the end of their education, said the photographer. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- Posted by Watrelot on Friday, June 2, 2006

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